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Hidden Gems: Honcho Hoodlum Continues To Show Off His Skilled Punchlines On His Unique New Single And Video For ‘No Truce’

Honcho Hooldum is one of the most successful artists in Toronto’s underground music scene. Ever since coming into the industry, he has consistently put out music. He has now collected hundreds of thousands of streams across platforms.

The artist grew up loving basketball and soccer, but quickly gained a passion for music because of his older brother. He would watch and learn as his brother wrote raps before beginning to write himself. He found out immediately that he was a natural when it came to writing strong punchlines – which fans are always pleased with.

Hooldum has released an impressive amount of music over the last year, including 3 full projects and several singles. Now, he is releasing his brand new song “No Truce,” with an accompanying music video.

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The new song features a really unique and distinctive beat. It’s hard to tell what kind of instrument runs the song’s melody, but it does immediately catch the listener’s attention. The drums on the song are also extremely interesting. They’re very hard but still offer an unorthodox bounce.

Lyrically, Honcho does what he does best. As soon as he comes in, he hits listeners with punchline after punchline. All the while, making sure the song remains catchy.

The music video for the new song “No Truce” was taken care of by the popular director Macadelic. The video exclusively features solo shots of the artist and no one else. Although the locations vary, the colours throughout are dark and consistent, which match the energy of the song. Just like how Hoodlum’s punchlines are the focal point of his music, dope cuts and edits are the focus of the music video.

Check it out below or stream the song on your favourite platform.

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