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Hidden Gems: Cholocash Releases His 17th Music Video In Less Than A Year For New Song ‘Last Week 2’

Cholocash is one of the hardest-working artists in the city, and he’s proving it with his brand new single “Last Week 2”. The artist has made it clear that hard work and consistency are some of the most important traits for him.

Over the last 11 months, Rexdale’s Cholocash has been the lead artist or featured artist on 17 official music videos. Over the course of those videos, Cholocash has shown off different sides of him, musically, visually, and emotionally.

His newest song “Last Week 2” is out now and features a more melodic approach from the artist. The song has also been released with a creative new music video available on YouTube now.

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The song is fairly sentimental throughout. It begins with a beautiful guitar sample with a discreet and pitched-up vocal sample behind it. As soon as the drums come in, the artist matches the intensity of the production with emotional and powerful vocals.

As much of his music is, this song is catchy and features impressive work lyrically and flow-wise.

The music video, which was taken care of by EyeZVisuals, features exclusively solo shots of the artists rapping and singing in different settings. He’s first introduced to us as a damaged and hurt character, walking with blood-stained clothing, but we also see the other side of him, a healthy and confident artist, rapping at a local auto shop.

Check out the music video below or stream the song on your favourite platforms!

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