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Hidden Gems: Casper TNG Shows Off A New Side To Him In ‘Fresh Out (Freestyle)’ Marking His First Drop Since Coming Home

After a stint away from music for a few years, Casper TNG came home to a warm welcome from fans.

The artist is among the generation of Toronto musicians that helped popularized the underground scene a couple of years back. Since coming home in late September, Casper has been praising his fans for keeping his spirits high even when things got hard.

Over the past three years, many of his hit songs have continued to see growth in both YouTube views and streams. 

After coming home and teasing that new music was coming, he shared with his fans that he wanted to make sure the music was as good as it could be. Apparently, Casper got his groove back because early today, he dropped his brand new song “Fresh Out (Freestyle)“. 

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The “Fresh Out (Freestyle)” is both catchy and lyrically impressive. The beat immediately grabs your attention and is super hard. On top of it though, Casper goes off for the whole song. He raps with the confidence and swag that fans have come to love.

Although Casper usually takes a more melodic approach in his music, the new freestyle sees him showing off his rapping potential. Instead of coming back with the autotuned music that he knows works, Casper TNG is showing off a new side of him and his music.

You can check out the new song below or stream it on your favourite platforms.

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