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Hidden Gems: Casper TNG Recruits Burna Bandz For New Single ‘SeaSick’ After Debating Releasing Music Due To Odds Stacked Against Him

Over the last 24 hours, popular Toronto rapper Casper TNG took his fans through a whirlwind of emotions. Today, he teased that he had been debating putting out new music, even though his legal issues were holding him back.

He then shared how much trouble it is for him put out music since coming home.

Shortly after, he teased a hard-hitting single which featured another popular independent artist, Burna Bandz.

After Burna Bandz shared he was ready to drop ASAP, they shared footage of themselves recording a music video. It was then confirmed by the artists that it would drop that very same night.

After an eventful 24 hours, fans are lucky to receive the new single “SeaSick,” by Casper TNG and Burna Bandz.

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Just a few weeks ago, Casper linked with producer Harmonic Hits for a six-track EP. Now, they’ve connected again for the brand new single. Similar to the work on that EP, the production of this song is very high quality. It features simple and clean melodies sitting on top of powerful and continuous drums.

Both artists offer impressive melodic verses on the Harmonics beat, with Casper taking the lead on the song’s infectious hook.

Although we know the music video was shot and put together rather quickly by CHUNGSHOTIT, it doesn’t look that way while watching. The video is simple, but it still features the artists rapping their lyrics through various aesthetic scenes that are broken up by impressive edits.

Check out the video below and let us know what you think of the new song.

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