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Hidden Gems: Casper TNG Links With Long-Time Collaborator To Release ‘Harmonics Made A Hit’ EP And A Music Video For Their Hit Song ‘Umbrellas’

Casper TNG has been making huge waves in the Toronto music scene ever since he came into the game.

Since he’s come home, he has a renewed focus. Despite being active on social media, many wondered when the artist would drop new music.

Well, now the wait is over because the artist dropped his brand new EP Harmonics Made A Hit.

The project was made in collaboration with Harmonic Hits, a producer and production team that Casper has been working with for several years now. Producers Renzo On Da Track and Beats By Felix are also credited by the team for getting their hands dirty to make this album sing.

In addition to the six new full-length tracks, Casper TNG has also shared the official music video for the EP’s intro track “Umbrellas.”

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Just like the artist has done throughout his career, the entire EP is full of hit songs.

The project’s intro track, “Umbrellas”, is a fan favourite single which features layered synths, hard drums, and then powerful vocals from the artist himself.

Throughout the song, the artist is reminiscing about life and potential outcomes.

Once the hook comes around though, it seems as though he took inspiration from Rihanna’s hit single by the same name.

Directed by KR Productions, the music video features the same simple yet powerful execution. Solo shots of the artist are the focus of the video and there are a few scenes that feature extras vibing to the song with Casper.

You can check out the music video below or stream the EP in its entirety on your favourite streaming platform.

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