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Hidden Gems: Bundog, Montee And Kem Sav Keep The Posse Cuts Coming With New Song And Music Video For ‘Motion’

Blue Feather Records has been flooding Toronto music fans with songs for the last several months. There have been successful singles coming from everybody on the label, including Bundog, Montee, and Kem Sav independently.

Recently, many of the artists on the roster have even been coming together to release surprise “posse cuts”, where they all show off their skills and stylistic differences on the same song. It seems as though all the artists on the label have a shared goal, to bring as much fire music to the people as possible.

The newest release from the label is a collaborative track between Bundog, Montee (Lil Monte), and Kem Sav. They are all featured on the brand single titled “Motion“. It features a killer hook from Montee, with impressive verses from both Bundog and Kem Sav. It was also released alongside a music video that was shot in their local neighbourhood.

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“Motion” has a different vibe from some of the singles that the company has been dropping lately. It has a more nostalgic feel, with all the artists rapping and reminiscing over a more melodic beat.

The music video begins with Bundog receiving a shoutout from members of their community. From there, the beat slowly kicks in and Montee comes in with a super catchy flow. The piano sample and drums fit nicely behind all three artists, even though all of them approach the song in a different way.

Montee floats on the hook with a clean melodic approach, but Bundog goes for a more raw feel on his verse. Kem Sav then comes in with a completely different, more autotuned vibe, which still sounds great.

The official music video features the artists rapping and vibing in their neighbourhood, surrounded by the people that support them. Check it out below and let us know what you think.

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