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Hidden Gems: Brampton’s Dr. Bushman Returns With Highly Anticipated Music Video For ‘Matter Of Fact’ After Receiving Cosigns From Drake And NAV

Dr. Bushman has steadily been on the rise since releasing the 2020 album of the year candidate Burning Bush. The project is one of the most cohesive to come out of Toronto’s independent scene. Some of the biggest artists in the world are already playing Bushman’s music and he’s only just getting started.

Dr. Bushman’s first music video for “Peel Baby” was released earlier this year and quickly became a fan-favourite single. In recent months it has gained even more popularity, following the coveted Drake IG story shout out.

A few days before releasing the biggest album of the year, Drake decided to bump some Dr. Bushman on and give him the shoutout he deserves.

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“Peel Baby” is undeniably impressive, but it’s also only a taste of what Dr. Bushman has the ability to do. His entire Burning Bush project is full of diversity. It features new vibes that aren’t always common for artists that come from Toronto and its surrounding areas.

To set himself even further from the crowd, Dr. Bushman took a risk after receiving the push from Drake. Early last month, he released the audio to “Junkie Junkie“, an afro-trap fusion single that shows his fans how much talent he really has. He can rap and find melodies like the best of them, but he also blends genres like no one else.

The risk he took worked because the city took notice immediately. Fans everywhere appreciated the new style of music that was being introduced and also couldn’t help but enjoy the song. Even NAV, one of Canada’s biggest artists, took to his IG story to share that he had the song on repeat.

To continue his impressive run, Dr. Bushman teamed up with Rich Noir, Akino McLeish, and Phase Four Productions to create and release the brand new music video for another fan-favourite off his Burning Bush album titled “Matter Of Fact“.

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Fans of Dr. Bushman know just how catchy his music can be, and “Matter Of Fact” is the perfect showcase of that. The song features a modern guitar-heavy trap beat that is smooth and hard at the same time. His rap verses and hooks are catchy and his flow is so smooth that it sounds melodic.

The confidence, swag, and imagery throughout the song feels authentic and effortless, which would explain how he’s been able to captivate fans so well in his career.

The music video, shot by Phase Four Productions, follows the storyline of a young Bushman who dreams of better days while watching his mother struggle with their bills. Once the video flashes back to the modern-day, Bushman is shown living the lifestyle he once hoped for – having to “get rich off the trap” to make it happen.

Check out the cinematic music video to “Matter Of Fact” below or stream the album on your favourite platform.

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