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Hidden Gems: After A Brief Hiatus Toronto’s Duvy Returns With Fresh Visuals For New Song ‘DRILL’

Duvy has quickly grown to become one of Toronto’s most popular artists. The intensity and energy of his music has brought in plenty of fans over the course of his career. Over the last several months he has been incredibly active, which includes his latest release, “DRILL”.

After releasing “For Da BroZ” in early September, the artist took a step away from socials and left fans wondering what was next. It was only last week that he returned by collaborating with Smiley on “Topic“, from his well-received Buy or Bye 2 project.

Now, the artist is quickly following up the release of that collaboration with the brand new music video for another new song titled “DRILL”.

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Every time the Duvy releases new music fans are excited, but they seem especially excited for “DRILL.”

The song begins with a suspenseful piano sample that is quickly met by quick-hitting drums and a deep heavy bass line. The production, which was taken care of by DaySixBeats and Callari is infectious and undeniable. The urgency on the beat makes sense considering the pair have several platinum plaques amongst each other.

With a song as intense as this, a strong video is necessary and the director, King Bee, knows that. So, in addition to traditional shots of the artist flexing in front of their neighbourhood and on top of fancy cars, this video also features menacing scenes of Duvy in a dark, red room covered in plastic.

Check it out for yourself below and let us know what you think!

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