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Hidden Gems: 3MFrench, Pengz And TwoTwo Prove They Are A Dangerous Trio With Brand New Collab Track And Video For ‘Lizzie McGuire’

3MFrench, Pengz, and TwoTwo are arguably among the most popular independent artists in Toronto history. With several millions of views and streams between them, it makes sense for them to link up on a track.

Together, three of the most talked-about artists in the city just released their single “Lizzie McGuire” with an accompanying video. With each artist having worked on separate bangers this year, this new song will likely lead to a strong finish to 2021 as a team.

French has kept it relatively lowkey, since releasing his well-received album in 2020. He has released several high-quality songs this year, but this new single feels extra special. The new song features Pengz and TwoTwo, who made their highly anticipated return to music over the summer with their single “Gangsta.”

All three artists have been teasing new music for a while now, but they only announced the release date recently. Fans have also been anticipating this collaboration for a long time, and now its here.

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The three artists have already proven song after song that they can make hard-hitting bangers but with this new single, they show that they can do it all. Instead of dropping an aggressive track, the artists opted for a slower, more cinematic vibe on “Lizzie McGuire.”

The DJ Mo produced song starts off with a dramatic piano line before trap drums are slowly added in. Once the drums come in, they work perfectly behind French’s melodic hook.

The drums also complement the impressive rap verses of the artists. The beat is never doing too much, so all the pressure is on the artists to deliver – which they do.

The video, directed by Tango, adds to the cinematic experience because it follows a storyline that sees the artists playing the roles of workers and bosses. They’re pictured in warehouses full of MMM boxes, before participating in a “family dinner” fit for kings. Slow and subtle shots of the artists throughout the video add to the overall luxurious feel.

Check out the music video for “Lizzie McGuire” below, or stream the single on your favourite platform. Keep an eye out for more music from the Tripl3 M crew.

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