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Hidden Gems: 17-Year-Old Toronto Artist RealestK Becomes TikTok’s Newest Viral Sensation With His Song ‘Wait For Me’

In March 2021, the 17-year-old singer-songwriter RealestK began officially releasing music to streaming platforms. Around that same time, he also began actively posting on his TikTok account.

In one of his oldest posts, he literally tells viewers that he’s manifesting a career through the app. That early post was for a different song that went on do to impressive numbers, but it did not do what his latest song just did.


New music coming soon for y’all! Follow my Instagram to keep up with me, thank you guys for all the all the love & support! #fyp #viral #Wfm

♬ original sound – Rony ♫

After regularly posting original music, covers of popular songs, and even participating in trends, RealestK posted another “manifestation post” to his account.

In the post, he shared his new single titled “Wait For Me“. The song then took off on the platform and now has over 10 million plays on Spotify alone.

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The song has a subdued feel and is very emotional. Fans quickly gravitated to the song and its lyrics, even using its TikTok audio on a viral trend. Users share old images and contrast them with “glow ups”, that feel reflective and appreciative.

The artist’s voice is very soulful and even though the song has minimal production it is still very powerful. Of course, he has been manifesting this success, but even he has to be surprised with how fans have responded.

He just shared an IG post of him in the studio with the XO-signee, NAV, and has been receiving all kinds of support from the city.

Check out the music video to “WFM” below or stream the song on your favourite platform.

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