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Here’s A List Of NBA Players Who Might Be Banned From Playing In Their Home Arenas And Could Lose Big Dollars If They Don’t Get Vaccinated

The 2021-2022 NBA season hasn’t started as yet and there seems to be a lot of drama and tension between the league and some players.

Various NBA players have declined to receive the COVID-19 vaccine which may cause a bigger issue for some teams, especially those who are playoff contenders.

With various incentives, team executive meetings, scientific benefits about the vaccine presented to players, some are still choosing not to take the vaccine.

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Golden State Warriors forward Andrew Wiggins is not budging and will not be getting the COVID-19 vaccine. Wiggins may face the possibility of not being allowed to play during home games inside the Chase Center starting Oct. 13 due to the San Francisco Department of Public Health implementing proof of vaccination for large indoor venues.

“Back is definitely against the wall, but I’m just going to keep fighting for what I believe in,” Wiggins told reporters during Golden States media day.

Wiggins declined to discuss his beliefs and why he’s choosing not to take the vaccine. “It’s none of your business, that’s what it comes down to,” Wiggins said.

Last week, the NBA reviewed and denied Wiggins’ vaccination religious exemption request, leaving the forward in limbo. The GSW forward could potentially lose more than $350,000 per game and a potential loss of half of his $31.6 million salary if he doesn’t play any home games.

Another NBA star whose vaccination status has caused a frenzy in the media as of late is Brooklyn Nets guard Kyrie Irving.

Irving did not attend the Nets media day inside the Barclays Center, however, spoke to the media via Zoom.

House of Highlights – YouTube

Throughout the interview, Irving refused to disclose his vaccination status and politely told all media he “would like to keep all that private.”

Irving implied throughout his interview he would be present and support his teammates. “I know that I’ll be there every day no matter what and just be present for my teammates as one of the leaders on the team,” Irving said.

NBA spokesperson Mike Bass said players who miss a game during the regular season because of their vaccination status will forfeit their paychecks.

In the event Irving decides to sit out, he’ll miss an estimated $425,000 per game.

Similar to San Francisco, New York City has a vaccine mandate that requires citizens to provide proof of vaccination to enter inside venues, restaurants etc.

Roughly, 90% of NBA players are currently vaccinated according to ESPN. However, this leaves 10% of players who are still undecided about receiving the shot or remain unvaccinated.

Orlando Magic forward Jonathan Isaac took to Twitter to discuss his vaccine status. “I believe it is your God given right to decide if taking the vaccine is right for you!” Isaac Tweeted.

Isaac clarified his Tweet stating he is neither anti-vax, anti-medicine or anti-science. “I didn’t come to my current vaccination status by studying Black history or watching Donald Trump press conferences,” Isaac said.

Washington Wizards guard Bradley Beal told the media he does not “feel pressured” to get vaccinated and still remains unvaccinated.

Beal’s media conference was centered on his views on getting a vaccination and his own reasoning why he has not received the vaccine.

“I would ask the question to those who are getting vaccinated ‘why are you still getting Covid?”’ Beal said.

Beal did not compete at this year’s Tokyo Olympics with Team USA due to USA Basketball health and safety protocols.

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