This GTA Teacher Is A Convicted Sex Offender Who Once Abused A Student But Is Now Somehow The Principal Of A Local Private School

Anthony Ross is a criminally convicted sex offender charged with assaulting a teenaged student back in 2018.

In 2019, he pleaded guilty for his charge of sexual assault and was subsequently stripped of his teaching license on the grounds of professional misconduct and sexual abuse.

Since committing the heinous crime, Ross has found employment as the principal of Convoy International Secondary Academy (CISA), a private school that charges its students $10,000 tuition a year, as reported by CBC.

The school has two campuses: a nine-hectare campus in Barrie, Ontario that, also functions as a boarding school, and a smaller campus in an office building in Markham.

Ross became the principal for CISA in 2019, the same year that he pleaded guilty for his charges.

Although Ross was stripped of his teaching licence and has a criminal record, he is not legally prohibited from teaching at a private school.

The provincial law only prohibits him from teaching in public schools, as only public schools are required to do a thorough criminal, police and professional background check on teachers before employing them.

What was Ross charged for?

In April 2018, Ross inappropriately touched a male student with a learning disability while alone with him in a classroom.

After some digging, the Ontario College of Teachers’ disciplinary committee found that Ross sat close to the student and asked him about his body. After looking around to make sure no one else was in the room, Ross felt up the student’s right breast for 30 seconds and complimented him by saying, “Wow, you have a great chest.”

Ross also asked the student about his body hair while touching the student’s arm.

This isn’t even Ross’s first run-in with the law over sexual abuse charges. He was also caught telling a male student he loved him and inappropriately touching him during the 1994/95 academic year.

Ross was able to avoid a criminal charge for that case, but still lost his teaching licence. However, he was able to reinstate his teaching licence because of a court challenge.

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What was Ross’s punishment?

After pleading guilty and being charged, Ross received a 12-month conditional sentence, a firearms ban and four months on house arrest.

That’s was the extent of his punishment. Now, he’s the principal for a private secondary school.

It’s important to note that not all schools are as lenient as CISA. The Ontario Federation of Independent Schools represents over 83 private schools in Ontario. Each of its members are required to annually conduct a full background check on staff members and volunteers.

CISA is not a member of the organization, so it is exempt from such rules.

It is unclear whether CISA screened Ross before employing him.

I don’t know about you, but it all sounds a little fishy.

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