EXCLUSIVE: A Bunch Of Girls Were Allegedly Drugged And Sexually Assaulted At Western University During Orientation Week And Here’s What The School Had To Say About It

Over the weekend, reports arose of multiple sexual assault cases at Western University. 

It is alleged that up to 30 female students were drugged and sexually assaulted at the university, located in London, Ontario, during Orientation Week, which began on Sept. 6 and ended on Sunday.

Some of the incidents are believed to have taken place at Medway-Sydenham Hall.

The allegations include reports of sexual assault, rape and drinks being roofied, as per Western students that have been posting on social media regarding the recent events. 

On Sunday, Western University addressed the allegations via Twitter, saying that they are taking “swift and immediate action related to gender-based and sexual violence (GBSV) allegations.”

Over the weekend, Western Gazette, a student newspaper, published a letter for students residing in Medway-Sydenham Hall, which included a statement from Residence Life Coordinator Jacob Clarke, saying that the school was investigating the “information that has come forward.”

On Sunday, Chris Alleyne, Western’s associate vice-president of housing and ancillary service, said that the university had implemented measures to protect students and increase the presence of security and special constables on campus and residences, as reported by CP24. 

Additionally, during orientation week, first-year students were given “extensive sexual violence education and prevention programming.”

Alleyne, also provided a comment to the Gazette, stating that those accused of sexual assault face grave consequences and “are sanctioned, which can include removal from campus.”

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6ixBuzz reached out to Western University regarding the allegations of sexual abuse and received the following statement from Alleyne:

“We are working hard to clarify and confirm these reports. So far, we have received very little information related to these reports, and we’re asking anyone with more details to come forward to Western or London Police Services. Western has received four formal complaints of sexual violence from students over the past week. We have taken swift and strong action in these cases, including facilitating arrest and removing students from residence while investigations continue. These cases do not appear to be connected to each other, or to what we’re seeing on social media.”

At this time, Western University is urging any students that have been impacted by, or witnessed incidents of sexual abuse, to reach out to their resident life coordinator at [email protected]

Students at Western University can also refer to the following resources for additional support.

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Female students drugged, sexually assaulted at Western University - Moving to Canada I Indo-Canadians I Canada news
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[…] allegations include drinks being spiked, sexual assault and […]

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