EXCLUSIVE: The Founders Of 6 Online Apparel Stores In The GTA Share What Inspired Them To Get Into Fashion And Launch Their Own Brands

Pumpkin spice lattes, cooler weather and shorter days can only mean one thing: fall is fast approaching and shopping for autumn apparel has already begun.

Toronto was recently ranked one of the most stylish cities on planet Earth, so it’s no surprise we have some of coolest local designers and brands around.

For those who like to hibernate in sweatpants and hoodies when it starts to get cold, or even those who still need a cute outfit to commemorate the last days of summer, these six local apparel stores have everything you need to revamp your wardrobe.


Courtesy of Tyrell Harris

Ralph Lauren once said, “I don’t design clothes. I design dreams.”

That’s exactly what 17 year-old Tyrell Harris set out to do when he envisioned his online clothing brand OOFII, a name that means “rich and wealthy,” Harris said.

“Honestly, it was a struggle to find that name, but I had like lots of help from my parents,” he told 6ixBuzz in an exclusive interview.

Harris always knew he wanted to start his own business, even at a young age.

“My parents always told me to never work for someone, work for yourself. I was like, I should start something like a business or play basketball, but I knew that [basketball] was not gonna be there forever,” he said.

Knowing that basketball might not be forever, his love for clothing and fashion pushed him to launch his own apparel company.

“I just like clothes. I like fashion.”

From hoodies to tracksuits, t-shirts and more, OOFII sells a variety of apparel and offers comfy clothes to wear this fall, or in general.

The tracksuits happen to be the most popular clothing item, according to Harris.

“It’s always been the tracks; it’s like…everyone just wants them instead of a t-shirt or like something other than the tracksuits.”

Currently, the online apparel store offers orange and blue tracksuits, colours that Harris thought would be very popular among consumers.

Originally Harris thought blue and white would be a better combination of colours for his tracksuits after using air forces for inspiration, but he decided blue and orange would be better choice–a choice he is much more content with.

“Everyone likes blue and orange…I like the colour orange,” he said.

Courtesy of Tyrell Harris

With the tracksuits and clothing being overall comfy and stylish, Harris hopes his store can go worldwide one day.

If you enjoy the meaning of OOFII and want to see the vibrant tracksuits you can check out their online store.

Nine2Five Apparel

Courtesy of Archana Vimalan and Neya Thaker

“Don’t be into trends. Don’t make fashion own you, but you decide what you are, what you want to express by the way you dress and the way to live,” a quote Gianni Versace once said, and a fashion motto Archana Vimalan and Neya Thaker follow when it comes to their clothing brand.

Vimalan and Thaker launched their online clothing store, Nine2Five Apparel, last year amid the pandemic and emphasized that they prefer not to follow trends when it comes to their clothes.

Instead, they aim to provide sustainable articles of clothing that can be matched and mixed with a person’s everyday style.

Courtesy of Neya Thaker and Archana Vimalan

“We are emphasizing a lot more of our pieces to be like sustainable…it [their brand] is not just like a fast fashion,” Thaker told 6ixbuzz in an exclusive interview.

“Let’s say there’s a tie-dye trend–we’re not gonna hop on that trend,” Vimalan said.

Their intuition to market more sustainable and “effortless transitional pieces” is something that makes their clothing brand stand out.

From beautiful summer dresses and cute crop tops, with nice prints and colour schemes, to classic sweatpants sets for those colder months, this online store tries to cater to everyone.

“I think we definitely have more of a grasp of like our aesthetic,” Thaker said.

“Even if you look at our page, and you scroll down…you kind of see, ‘okay, there’s an aesthetics that we’re still obviously working on.’ It’s not perfect but like we’re getting there, you know?” Vimalan said.

Although launching a brand amid the pandemic hasn’t been the easiest journey, the girls are still optimistic for what’s to come in the future.

They would even consider launching a limited edition pop-up store once they build a bigger community, they said.

To support Nine2Five Apparel and get cute transitional, sustainable clothing, you can check them out online.

Etobicoke United FC

Courtesy of Etobicoke United FC

Opportunities is what the Etobicoke United FC (EUFC) aspired to build when launching their football club.

“What we did want to create here at EUFC was…opportunities that, you know, me and my partners did not have and colleagues not have when we were kind of growing up and aspiring to become, you know, an athlete or a football player in our time,” Jameel Domah, one of the partners who founded EUFC said.

But not only is this a football club creating great opportunities for youth and others who want to be a professional in the sports industry, this football club also has their own apparel line.

“We wanted to give that to our fans that are looking to support us, and what better way to support a football club…through, you know, their logo, and…apparel. So we decided to start off…[and] create a UFC kind of clothing line that was going to allow us to be able to have our fans represent EUFC,” he said.

“But the second thing too, was to be able to give a little bit of swag, a little bit of comfort [and] functionality for when they do wear it. Not only are they wearing it to represent the brand, but they’re also wearing it because it’s actually, you know, it’s comfortable.”

Fans of the club can purchase hoodies, tracksuits, jackets and other clothing attire that represent the club.

“Right off the bat, when we started, our hoodie was kind of like, the first thing that just really took off,” Domah said.

“And then eventually, what’s been consistently leading since we’ve launched is our tracksuit…the material itself is something that, you know, is quite comfortable, and you can easily put on and take off.”

In the summer months, the organization also notices that their black training t-shirt is pretty popular as well because it looks like an everyday shirt that fans and members can pair with any casual bottom.

Whether you’re a football fan or not, these clothes are fire and comfortable. With fall fast approaching, it might be a good idea to get something comfy for the next couple of months.

If you’d like to represent EUFC or simply just check out their attire, you can do so by clicking on the “View Shop” link on their Instagram page.


Courtesy of Casskini

Still not ready for summer to be over? Cop sexy bikini’s for either yourself or your girlfriend before summer officially comes to a close at CASSKINI.

Not only is the swimwear at this online store flirty, cute and fun, but the company also welcomes females of all different sizes and shapes, and promotes inclusivity of females from different ethnic backgrounds through the swim attire.

“Founded on concepts of inclusivity and female empowerment, these bikinis aim to compliment the finest art which is women’s body. The designs are made to hug, support and accentuate curves of the body,” the store said on their website.

“The creator enjoys watching TV shows and movies in her leisure time as a form of self-care, so she used this to create concept for each collection.”

If you stand for body positivity and would like to see the different selections of swimwear offered at CASSKINI, feel free to browse their swim apparel online.

Sewciety by Ovs

Courtesy of Sewxiety.ByOvs

So maybe you’re not looking for more fall apparel this year, but rather custom South Asian clothes related to your culture for an event you may have, or just in general. Sewciety by Ovs can help you with that.

This South Asian online apparel store, founded by Oviyaa Balasubramaniam, aims to break new boundaries through different fashion pieces the store has to offer.

What makes this local online store different is it’s tribute to South Asian culture by endorsing South Asian fashion such as sarees, lengha sets, shalwar sets and other apparel pieces.

“Sewciety by Ovs is a Toronto based fashion brand inspired by my South Asian and Canadian heritage. Growing up, I always had an eye for unique fashion trends and my obsession for fashion eventually led me to develop my own line,” founder Balasubramaniam said on her store’s site.

“I take pride in enjoying the entire process from selecting unique fabrics, designing outfits, sewing garments, all the way to selling my own collections.”

Also, according to the store’s page, every outfit that can be viewed is handmade and crafted with extreme care, another detail that makes this online store very unique.

“Sewciety by Ovs is a limitless approach to fashion. It encourages everyone to be themselves unapologetically and pushes everyone to break new boundaries,” Balasubramaniam said on her online store.

Don’t believe that everything is handmade? Have a look for yourself at Sewciety by Ovs, and even feel free to browse the business’ Instagram page as well.

Love & Nudes

Courtesy of LoveandNudes

As Christian Dior once said, “Real elegance is everywhere … especially in the things that don’t show.” Lest we forget that what is worn under one’s outfit is just as important as the outfit itself.

Love & Nudes provides POC “modern intimates” to compliment different women.

“Motivated by the glaring absence and misrepresentation of everyday products for women of colour, I developed the brand Love & Nudes with love for my melanin sisters,” Chantal the founder of Love & Nudes said on the company’s website.

“My team and I have developed a collection of modern intimates to compliment every woman’s uniqueness — her skin tone! I want women of colour to explore and wear fashion anyway we choose to.”

The brand is so much more than just about selling personal intimates, however. Love & Nudes aims to promote inclusivity and “create a global community designed to connect and share one another’s individuality.”

If you’d like to update your intimate wardrobe, or simply like the ideology behind this brand and want to show your support you can visit them online.

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