Footage Of Marineland’s Last Orca Crying Out For Help While In Captivity Is Sparking Public Anger (VIDEO)

On Friday, former Marineland employee and whistleblower Phil Demers, also known as the “Walrus Whisperer” on Twitter, released footage of Kiska, Marineland’s last killer whale, wandering around a concrete tank apparently calling out to other orcas.

This has since sparked public outrage online.

The footage received a ton of backlash from Twitter users, with well over 1,000 retweets and more than 200 comments from users asking that Kiska be released back into the wild–her natural habitat–for the remainder of her days.

Via: Twitter

Demers said in his Tweet that Kiska is the last surviving Orca at Marineland and “has lived in complete isolation since 2011” and that witnesses say she has been calling out for other orcas.

Via: Twitter

This is not the first time Marineland has come under scrutiny for the treatment of Kiska, who was captured off the coast of Iceland and brought to the park in 1979.

In 2013, the whale could be seen bleeding from her tail off and on again, an issue that was only getting worse as time passed, according to an employee that worked at the park.

Kiska is also not the only animal the park has treated poorly. Several other animal deaths have occurred at the park sparking public outrage for the park to be shut down.

More recently, animal welfare found issues with the park’s water quality, a problem that has led to the animals at the attraction feeling distressed.

Via: Twitter

There still might be hope for Kiska. With public outcries and petitions for her release, there’s a chance these calls will be heard and put to action.

If you are tired of the neglectful actions of Marineland and would like to see Kiska the whale free, you can sign the petition here.

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