Facebook Develops New App, BARS for Rappers

Facebook is developing a similar app to Tik Tok called BARS.

The new app is catered to rappers allowing them to share their raps within the space.

According to Techcrunch, it allows users to rap over beats and they can share with their friends and others on the platform.

Furthermore, users will have 60 seconds to rap over their favourite beat and creating a video of the user.

As per TechCrunch, once the user has posted the video, their followers and other using the app can watch it and hit “fire,” if they like what they hear and see.

Also, BARS will feature beats that are professionally created and even give users suggestions what beat to pick for their rap song.

Users can then pick their own filters for their video and the app even includes autotune for those that want to mimic T-Pain.

The social media giant Facebook teamed up with NPE group to develop the new app.

However, this isn’t the first collaboration for the NPE group. According to TechCrunch, NPE group made a similar app called Collab.

For those that are wondering what the difference between the two music apps are the following; according to TechCrunch, Collab allows users to make music with other users on the app/online.

Users who are using the BARS app the demographic is solely aimed at rappers or “wanna-be” rappers.

The BARS app is great for artists who want to be discovered and gain a following.

Even though BARS is suggestive for rappers, the app can be used by anyone.

Also, the app has challenges which users can freestyles and according to Tech Crunch there are auto-suggested word cues.

If you’re excited about the app you may have to wait a little especially if you live in Canada.

Currently BARS is in the Beta phase and it’s live on iOS App Store in the U.S.

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