EXCLUSIVE: Vaccine Hunters Is Scaling Down In A Big Way And Here’s How Some Of Its Members Feel About What They Accomplished

Vaccine Hunters Canada has helped tons of Canadians find their vaccine appointments since they became available in Canada.

Now that over 80 per cent of Canadians have had their first dose, Vaccine Hunters is going to be drastically scaling back their operation.

On August 31st, Vaccine Hunters will “consolidate services into its free multilingual self-serve tool Find Your Immunization (FYI), appointments.vaccinehunters.ca and website, vaccinehunters.ca.”

Vaccine Hunters will now just work as a tool people can use.

The volunteer group will also be shutting down their various social media pages and their Discord channel.

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With vaccine hunters being a huge part of many Canadians’ vaccine booking, 6ixbuzz decided to reach out to them and talked to Wendy Tao, Navina Lotay and Krystyne Manze, volunteers who all work for the non-profit.

6ixBuzz: Can you guys explain how Vaccine Hunters is changing its operation?

Navina: “In the beginning, when Vaccine Hunters was started, it was really hard to find an appointment. But we’re at a point now where pretty much anyone who is eligible can get a shot. We feel like we’re not really needed at this point because people aren’t really hunting for appointments anymore. To help people with the transition, we will pivot people to our new tools to help people help themselves instead of us having to find appointments for them.”

6B: Was this situation always a goal for Vaccine Hunters?

Wendy: “Absolutely, because to be not needed anymore means that everyone has access to vaccines and it’s not a desperate hunt anymore”

Navina: “It’s kind of nice to know that we’re not needed because in an ideal world we wouldn’t have been needed in the first place. The reception to our wind-down has also been really positive as well.”

6B: How do you guys feel about the work you’ve done?

Krystyne: “Pretty humbled to be a part of it. It’s really interesting to think about how this began. Andrew, the founder of Vaccine Hunters, asked us why we joined, and for me, it was therapeutic to be involved in this, to feel some sense of control and doing something to help bring the pandemic to an end.”

Navina: “It’s been awesome. It feels so nice when you can do something for somebody, so if you can help somebody feel safer it feels nice to be able to do that.”

6B: How do you guys feel that a lot of people found you guys more helpful than the government when it came to finding vaccine appointments?

Navina: “As I said before, we wouldn’t be necessary in an ideal world, but we’re all really proud to be able to help people and we’re really happy that people find us helpful. Everyone on the VH team really cares about this. All of us are volunteers, we all have jobs or are students and we still choose to do this, so it’s nice to know that our efforts are helpful”

With Vaccine Hunters rolling down their operations, this means that at least one chapter of the pandemic — searching for where to find vaccines — is now behind us.

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