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EXCLUSIVE: This Toronto Startup Created A Wholesome Solution To Wasteful Greeting Cards

EXCLUSIVE: This Toronto Startup Created A Wholesome Solution To Wasteful Greeting Cards

Plantiful Crafts is reinventing the way we express sentiment by giving greeting cards an entirely new life – literally!

Founders of the company, Carol Huynh and Jin Chen, have a solution to the awkward throwing away of printed greeting cards. They created an alternative that you plant instead!

“We’ve given a second purpose to these thoughtful gifts by making them plantable,” they said in an interview with 6ixbuzz.

The duo launched Plantiful Crafts in April this year, delivering beautifully designed and affordable greeting cards to patrons all across North America.

The cards are made using seeded paper, with one’s choice between wildflower or basil.

“Our wildflower cards help us save the bees (it’s among their favourite flowers) while our basil cards bring joy into the kitchen,” they said.

“We strongly feel that our cards provide a ‘plantiful’ amount of joy and benefits!”

The idea was inspired when Carol received a thank you card made of seed paper, and realized they were not commonly available.

“The classic greeting card industry encourages folks to buy cards which will be appreciated for mere moments and to also spend additional money on bouquets that will wilt – all of which will be thrown away,” they said.

“To make matters worse, traditional greeting cards do not credit the artists! Therefore, we see these businesses as highly commoditized, unoriginal and wasteful.”

Thankfully, Plantiful Crafts is a wholesome solution which is not just a gift to recipients and mother nature, but to local artists who get to feature their art work.

“We hope that our platform will be used to feature diverse art, artists and cultures. All of our artists receive credit for their amazing work and control over their product’s branding, price point and commission,” they said.

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Eid cards designed by Finity Designs, courtesy of Carol and Jin

Plantiful Crafts changes the experience of enjoying a card for a few moments into many weeks

“Planting is a great activity that makes the planter feel rewarded as the plant progresses and grows,” said Carol and Jin, who also mention the process could lead to a few chuckles if the card recipient does not quite have a green thumb.

“Plus, we help avoid the shame of throwing out regular ol’ cards,” they said.

Each card features a print designed by a local artist, offers options to personalize your message inside the card, and comes with easy planting instructions on the back for your convenience.

Image courtesy of Carol and Jin

Here are the steps to planting a Plantiful greeting card:

  1. Rip the card into small pieces
  2. Spread the pieces on a bed of soil and plant them in a pot with 0.5cm of soil on top, (it’s okay if a little bit of white pokes out!)
  3. Water them, the cards should be thoroughly soaked
  4. Place the pot in a warm location with access to the sun
  5. Continue to keep the seeds moist and water them at least once a day
  6. Watch it bloom, you are now a plant parent!

Each card comes with a 100% post-consumer waste envelope and a “Plant Me” envelope sticker.

The package is then wrapped in a 70 percent post-consumer waste rigid mailer, meaning no plastic sleeves are required! Plantiful Crafts currently ships within Canada and to the US. Place an order now to get a card in time for Father’s Day!

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