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EXCLUSIVE: Nippa, The UK Artist Co-Signed By RNB RADAR And Boi-1da, Talks Finding His Unique Style, Receiving Love From The 6ix And Releasing His Debut EP

Nippa is a rising star in the UK R&B scene who was quickly able to tap into the Toronto market after receiving love from the popular Toronto-based R&B platform, RNB RADAR. The artist only began releasing music last year but quickly learned the importance of connecting with and receiving feedback from the right people.

In his young career, Nippa has already been able to secure a lot of great relationships because of his work ethic and talent. Boi-1da and BLXST are just two of the mainstream acts that have recognized what Nippa and his team can do.

Over the last several months, Nippa’s team has been working to build momentum for their debut project. Now, that debut project is out. It is self-titled and features all kinds of modern R&B production. Nippa’s unique singing voice cuts through the heavy drums and offers the kind of emotion and authenticity that fans love.

6ixBuzz spoke to Nippa following the release of his brand new EP to ask him about his unique style and how he became comfortable enough to share his talents with the world. He also discussed his future plans now that he has Toronto’s support.

6ixBuzz: When did you first fall in love with music?

Nippa: Music has been apart of me since I was born. There was no “falling” it was just a natural thing that’s always been there. My house is reggae and R&B central. My family is highly musical so it was just something that was a part of everyday life

6B: Were you always confident in your ability to sing?

N: I started off rapping first.  I’m a crazy fan of rap/grime, etc. I knew my tone of voice was good and that it just needed training. This whole journey of my music career has been about me gaining confidence with my voice when it comes to singing. I just used my rap knowledge and applied it to my newfound knowledge of singing.

6B: From the outside looking in, it feels like you began taking your career very seriously as soon as you released your first song. Was it a difficult decision to pursue music right away?

N: Yes. Gaining confidence to go left and start singing, especially when you’re from ends, can be nerve-wracking. It’s not the normal thing people do. I’ve definitely taken it seriously since the first single hence why I took a year before releasing the single “Ride Or Die,” I had to understand my sound and master it in terms of quality.

6B: All of your music is great, but “Situation” is what really introduced Toronto to your sound. Of course, RNB RADAR and Boi-1da deserve a lot of credit for that, but did you think that song was going to be as impactful as it was?

N: I just liked the song. The love it got was definitely unexpected. RNBTOMI really contributed a large amount for the love I got from Toronto, the fact it got around so much was a shock. It just shows people like to see authenticity, and that’s what we as Spacebound [the label] are trying to bring.

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6B: Were you ready to put out a project so soon after, or was it a challenge to get everything ready?

N: This project is actually nearly a year old. The challenging part was understanding the purpose of this project and what it should convey. It’s had many back and forths with songs being added and removed but I think the final piece is a good introductory of what I can bring to the table.

6B: You set the tone of the project right away with “I Know,” even claiming that you’re the best in London. When did you decide that song was going to be the intro?

N: From the moment I rapped it to my manager, he told me what it was. I claim things before it happens. “Call it before you be it.”

6B: You close the project out with that same energy on “Confidence”. Did you always have this confidence in yourself and in your music? Where do you think that came from?

N: No way. That song comes from a real emotional place. It took a while to build up my confidence to actually even record/release – or even go to the studio. I made that song with Antiwave, who are now more or less family. We all really tapped into our emotions to understand the hindrance of what was stopping me from recording.

6B: How would you describe this EP to someone who doesn’t know you?

N: This is EP is a mixture of R&B and melodic rapping. It really is a debut introduction to who Nippa is.

6B: What do you hope to accomplish with the EP and what are some of your goals in the near future?

N: My future goal is to make timeless music, but that takes time. I hope this EP puts me on the scene as someone to watch out for, as I continue on my journey through music.

You can tap in with Nippa and his team over on Instagram, or you can check out his brand new EP on any of your favourite streaming platforms. While you’re at it, check out his music video for “Pay The Price” below. It features a cameo from Boi-1da himself!

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