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EXCLUSIVE: Cholocash Talks Growing Up In Rexdale, Dreams Of Making Spanish Music And Trying To Be A Positive Influence To His Fans In Toronto And Ecuador

Cholocash has been in love with music his whole life.

He grew up in an Ecuadorian household in the Rexdale community and quickly learned to hustle like his parents, who did whatever they could to make sure his family was set.

Regardless of what was going on in his life, his parents were able to support him. They worked tirelessly, and now he does the same.

Cholocash was seven years old when he decided he wanted to be an entertainer. He learned about Michael Jackson and was enamored by his star-power. Cholocash grew up listening to everything from hip-hop to rock and of course, Spanish music.

A few years ago, he began to start putting music out officially after he saved some money up from his many day jobs. He would record songs with the help of his friends, then shoot music videos on the weekend. By the weekday, he was back at work.

In 2021, Cholocash decided it was time to take things to the next level. Today, he’s one of the hardest working up-and-coming artists out of Toronto’s music scene, and he’s enjoying every minute of it.

We spoke to Cholocash about his hardworking mentality but also asked him about his Ecuadorian background and his spirituality. Cash has a lot to share with the world, and he’s only getting started.

6ixBuzz: Have you always been open to sharing your emotions and perspectives with the world?

Cholocash: Of course! I think it’s because I didn’t want people to go through things alone. And now, I feel like I have an audience and I feel like it is it’s easier for me to express myself. I just want to show people that they’re really not alone.

Also now that I’m making these moves […] a lot of guys [artists] are following us on the same thing.

6B: What was your early life like?

C: It was always never more than I needed and never less than I needed. I had good people look out for me, like my mom and stuff – and I really appreciate that, because if I didn’t, it would be different right [now].

It’s very different how I talk to people. I don’t have to tell anybody anything, I don’t have to be anything. All I can really do is be respectful to everyone that comes my way and that’s all I want to do.

Around my area, growing up, it wasn’t always the best, but we made it work and I thank God that I was from there and I’m glad that was my home, Etobicoke/Rexdale, […] And just Toronto in general. That’s what it should be about – just growing together.

6B: You’ve talked about always wanting to be a musician, but when and how did that vision come to you?

C: I grew up listening to Michael Jackson. I was like seven or eight just dancing like Michael Jackson. Music was just always in my life. That’s why now when I switch my voice and do all that fun, I do see it coming from that young age and that early inspiration.

Music was always in my life, and I always wanted to do it, but it was hard to make it happen. I had to train myself, I had to train my voice, I had to change the way I thought of things, cause now everything goes into the music.

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6B: We’ve also heard you talk about wanting to get into making Spanish music. Were you always that comfortable with your language and heritage?

C: I’ve always been on that, if you watch my videos you see my Ecuador flag – and it’s home turf man. Not a lot of people can do that. I have to show love, to the people that are there, to the people that are watching, people that love me and love my music. I have to do it for them, sometimes I don’t even think about myself too much.

6B: So then how did you decide you wanted to start making Spanish music?

C: I actually have a lot of Spanish music in the vault, but I’m really working on mastering it and that’s what I’m doing right now.

Everything I do I try to do with the right timing. Even like features and stuff, like I have a lot of features that I haven’t dropped yet because I want people to really know me first before I can even drop things like that […] I want everything to be organic.

6B: We’ve heard you talk a lot about how you dreamt and manifested days like this. Can you tell our readers what all this means to you?

C: For me when I say manifesting, I mean having and keeping good energy, even when people want to bring you down. I know it’s not easy because we’re human, but if I’m putting good energy into music, because I’m receiving good energy in life, it’s just going to make everything proper. That’s manifesting goodness, to me.

You can check out Cholocash’s newest single “GLEEFULLY” and its music video below, but also be sure to show him love on Instagram! Let him know 6ixBuzz sent you!

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