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EXCLUSIVE: A Hamilton Woman Is ‘Appalled’ After Her Next-Door Neighbour Called Her 6-Month-Old Son The N-Word

EXCLUSIVE: A Hamilton Woman Is ‘Appalled’ After Her Next-Door Neighbour Called Her 6-Month-Old Son The N-Word

Courtesy of Alexis Hebert

On Monday May 31st, Hamilton resident Alexis Hebert got the shock of her life when her next-door neighbour verbally attacked her seemingly out of nowhere.

However, for the young mother, the verbal assault took new heights when the neighbour in question brought her child into the mix and proceeded to call Hebert’s six-month-old son derogatory slurs.

All of which was captured on camera.

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The nasty interaction was spurred on after Hebert’s grandma paid her a visit — which she assures was legal — as her grandma lives on her own and also follows Covid procedures religiously.

It was this visit that would later get her neighbour’s attention and also out the door.

“My next door neighbour decided to take it upon themselves to illegally go onto my property and start taking pictures of my grandmas license plate,” Hebert told 6ixbuzz.

“When I noticed, I approached her to ask what she was doing. My neighbour then proceeded to insult and verbally attack me.”

After referring to Hebert as a “slut” it wouldn’t take long before she then turned her attention to the child.

“[She] repeatedly called my 6 MONTH OLD baby a n** baby.”

According to Hebert, this is the first interaction with her neighbour that went south, in fact, she says every other interaction prior has been “polite.”

The mother is now calling on the people in her community to “redefine” their values and become part of everyday conversations surrounding race.

She also believes the woman in the video would not have been held accountable for her actions if not for the camera recording.

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