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An Ex-Marine Tortured And Murdered An Innocent Family, Including A Young Girl And A Baby, Because ‘God Told Him’ To Save A Child Who Didn’t Actually Exist From Sex Trafficking

A 33-year-old former marine officer, Bryan Riley, from Lakeland, Florida slaughtered a family and tortured an 11-year-old girl because he wanted to “save” a child from sex trafficking. Put more simply, he believed that “God told him to” kill the family for allegedly committing sex crimes.

In his delusion, he shot the 11-year-old girl seven times as he wholeheartedly believed that “God told him to.”

The former officer admitted to killing 40-year-old Justice Gleason, his wife, Theresa Lanham, their three-month-old baby and Gleason’s 62-year-old mother, said the Polk County Sheriff Department.

What’s more, the ex-marine confessed to lurking around the home of the family–to whom he had no relationship with whatsoever–and entering the house in full body armor and artillery.

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Once Riley entered the house, he began to call for “Amber,” the girl he believed was being sex-trafficked in the family’s house.

“This is all fiction, all made up by him,” said Polk County Sheriff Grady Judd. “Understand when we make those references, there were no victims of sex crimes in that house.”

Upon finding a young girl in the house, he shot her with multiple rounds of ammunition and proceeded to kill the family’s dog.

“That’s when he grabbed the 11-year-old victim, took her from the bathroom into the living room. And he asks her, ‘Where’s Amber?’” said Sheriff Judd. “She said, ‘I’m not Amber. There is no Amber.’ And he said, ‘I want to know who Amber is,’ and he counted down, ‘3, 2, 1,’ pow—and he shot her.”

“This evil human being told us, ‘I tortured her in order to investigate and to find Amber,’” Judd went on to say.

Riley is showing “no remorse” for his actions and is now facing charges.

Ira Chandershekar

Ira is a 19 year-old student at University of Toronto with a passion for politics and human rights. She is thrilled to be featured as a writer for 6ixBuzzTV!
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