Drake And LeBron James Have Teamed Up For ‘Black Ice’ A Documentary Film About Black Hockey Players And ‘Uninterrupted Canada’ Is Partnering With Them

Drake and LeBron James are collaborating together on a new documentary discussing the history of Black hockey players.

Uninterrupted Canada will be partnering with Drake’s production company, DreamCrew Entertainment, Bell Media and The SpringHill Company to produce “Black Ice.”

Alongside James and Drizzy, the film will be directed by Canadian filmmaker Hubert Davis, who was nominated for an Oscar in 2005 for his short “Hardwood” and was behind the 2016 doc “Giants of Africa.”

Adel (Future) Nur will be executive producing the documentary alongside Drizzy and James.

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The documentary is exploring the history of Black hockey players dating back to the Coloured Hockey League (CHL) to the modern-day NHL.

Also, the film will take a deep dive into the many contributions Black hockey players have made and their achievements.

For instance, Herbert “Herb” Carnegie was the first Black-Canadian hockey star to hit the ice. He was part of the Black Aces, hockey’s first all-Black line.

Although Carnegie did not play professionally in the NHL, he’s a living legend among hockey players.

Most importantly the film will touch on racial inequity and how players plan on changing the sport’s culture.

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