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Doug Ford’s Daughter Went On A Rant After Her Cop Husband Had To Step Down From His Job For Refusing To Get Vaccinated

Another day, another video of Ontario Premier Doug Ford’s daughter, Krista Haynes, talking about how much she hates the vaccine, this time, ranting while sweaty and dishevelled as she peddles away on her elliptical.

Krista jumped on camera to make a video about her husband, Dave Haynes, after he received unpaid leave as a TPS Staff Sargeant because he is still unvaccinated.


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This led to a story post from the Premier’s oldest daughter and then a full-on video of her ranting about the whole ordeal.

In the video, Krista talks about good prevailing over evil for those who lost their job due to their vaccination status.

“We know that services and resources are extremely limited, and it would just be so silly to send a very well-trained officer home on unpaid leave in a time like this, but unfortunately, they made a very silly decision,” Krista said

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