Doctors In Bolivia Are Injecting Bleach Into Patients In Order To Treat COVID-19 And Charging Them $150 For The Service

Since the start of the pandemic, people have been looking for magic cures to the disease.

Everything from fish tank cleaners to horse deworming methods has been used in hopes of a miracle solution to the global pandemic.

Even this far into the pandemic with vaccines becoming more and more available across the world, people are still looking for alternatives.

It’s gotten to the point where one country has officially begun to use a mixture of chlorine dioxide, AKA industrial bleach and saline as a treatment for not only COVID-19 but also for people who have gotten the vaccine.

Yeah, you read that right, in Bolivia people are using bleach to not only “prevent” and “treat” COVID-19 but also for people trying to “detoxify” themselves from the vaccine.

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Last year Bolivia legalized the production and sale of chlorine dioxide as an alternative treatment for COVID as the “treatment” became popular across the country and Latin America through the spread of misinformation.

Doctors in Bolivia charge $150 for the service, which is done with an IV drip over the course of three separate 12 hour days. This $150 charge might not sound like much but it becomes way more significant when you learn that the average Bolivian only brings in $700 a month.

Part of the reason why bleach has been embraced by countries like Bolivia is that it offers a cheap “alternative” to treatment in the hospital for poor people already struggling to survive.

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