Congo Coffee and Toronto Beignets: The City’s ‘It’ Spot For Bite-Sized Culinary Glory

There’s no arguing that Toronto has a diverse offering in the food scene, and one food location is no exception.

Congo Coffee and Toronto Beignets’ are a mouth-wateringly delicious treat and another reason for Toronto to be proud.

The beignets have made their name for being the best in the city by attracting locals, tourists and foodies from all over the country. 

 Toronto Beignets is quite simply a one-of-a-kind culinary experience, earning them a reputation far and wide as the city’s unofficial signature beignet.

Nia Bangala, Founder of Congo Coffee and Toronto Beignets

The secret? The bite-sized patented treats – with a name currently being trademarked – incorporate a multicultural flavor that reflects founder Nia Bangala’s background.

The owner was, after all, raised in Belgium by Congolese parents before emigrating to Canada in her teens. 

“Toronto is an amazing city in large part because of its diverse population that encompasses more than 200 ethnicities, speaking more than 160 languages. Our beignets clearly appeal to the palates of people across these various groups so we named them in honor of our beloved city to honor this special uniqueness,” Bangala told 6ixBuzz.

For those unfamiliar with exactly what a beignet is; it is, in basic terms, a deep-fried pastry.

Its roots go back to Ancient Rome, yet France and New Orleans are probably the two whose versions are best known across the globe.

Toronto Beignets have caught the attention – and appetites – of foodies and celebrities across Instagram and TikTok with collective followings well over 100K, many of whom have called them “the best in Toronto.”

She believes her treats are indeed worthy of the accolades based on the attention, detail, time and quality ingredients that go into each batch. 

Unlike other traditional beignets, hers are crunchy on the outside and soft on the inside, a texture balance attributed to resting the dough for 48 hours.

She also bends the beignet rules a bit by offering both the typical powdered sugar topping along with a variety of flavored syrups and sauces to top things off. While hard to describe, they are somewhat akin to a cross between a funnel cake, pate à choux, hush puppy and donut.

In other words, the only way to truly appreciate a Toronto Beignet is to taste one yourself and be the judge. 

“The way Toronto Beignets have been so warmly embraced has motivated us to explore extending our reach so other regions can experience our delicious recipe while also reinforcing our pride is our distinctively unique home city,” Bangala said.

Congo Coffee & Toronto Beignets also specializes in sustainably sourced, direct trade coffee from coffee bean farmers in Congo. 

 Congo Coffee & Toronto Beignets, located at 298 Gerrard St. E and online at congo-coffee.com, offers takeout, delivery (through third-party partners), and online ordering.


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