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Canadian Buzz: Tory Lanez Officially Kicks Off His 80’s Era With New Song and Video For ‘Lady Of Namek’

Tory Lanez, one of the most popular Canadian artists in hip-hop, is always teasing new music. So much so, that it is sometimes hard to know if he’s being serious.

For the last several months, he has been teasing a 1980’s-inspired R&B capsule, even taking to Instagram to debut his new look and character “Ashton.”

Now, Tory Lanez’s Ashton character has finally released new music, with an accompanying music video.

Lady Of Namek” is the first single to release off of the artist’s heavily anticipated Alone At Prom album. There is still no official release date for the rest of the new music, but fans are given a deeper look into the theme of the project in the newest video.

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The new song is synth-heavy and shares a lot of elements with the pop music of past and present. For most artists, a switch up like this would be shocking to fans, but somehow Tory is able to sound comfortable on the new style of production.

He shared with his fans earlier that this sound has been something that he’s very passionate about. He said his inspirations are artists like Hall & Oates, Toto, Michael Jackson, Rick James, and more.

The music video, which was directed by his long-time collaborator MidJordan, follows the Ashton character in a sometimes funny, sometimes serious, school-setting-based story. First, he’s rejected by his love interest in class, then he tries to win her over by getting in a fight to the death with her man. The ending features a unique twist, like many of the artist’s videos do, so be sure to check it out.

You can watch it below or stream the single on your favourite platform.

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