BREAKING: Scarborough Man Commits Suicide After Getting Detained by Toronto Police

On Tuesday morning, it was reported that a Scarborough, Ontario resident, Moses Demian committed suicide following his detainment by the Toronto Police Monday night.

The interaction, captured by a viral video posted Monday night shows Demian being handcuffed by the Police in a parking lot outside of the Scarborough tea shop, Bontea.

Moses Demian gets handcuffed by Toronto Police.

I didn’t do anything… I didn’t obstruct you… I was going to Bontea…

These were some of the words from Demian that can be heard in the video.

According to witnesses at the scene of Moses’ arrest, the police responded aggressively after Demian had some choice words for the officers such as “pig”. Demian added that “he (one of the officers) punched him in the face.”

A source close to Moses says he was caught at the scene due to a car meet, and that he had been dealing with personal issues, prior to the traumatic and viral encounter he had with Toronto Police.

It is unclear what the driving force was for Moses to take his own life, but sources close also say it may have been a collective factor of things.

Moses is remembered by his beloved mother, father and siblings. A GoFundMe has been established in his name, with the intent to pay for any costs related to his memorial.

Adrian Wallace

Adrian Wallace is an award-winning director, screenwriter and actor from Toronto, Ontario. From both producing work and making appearances in documentary storytelling, short films, web series, and recently his first feature, Adrian's work has been screened internationally in all formats. Currently, Adrian is developing his feature film directorial debut project, an original TV series, and operates as Editor-in-Chief for 6ixBuzz TV.
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