Bobby Shmurda Released from Jail

Contributor: Austin Kimbark

It seems like Bobby Shmurda has been in jail longer than the construction on Eglinton has been going on.

Bobby Shmurda has been released from jail! After pleading guilty back in late 2014, he spent 7 years in prison. Shmurda was released from the Clinton Correctional Facility in New York at approximately 8:30 AM Tuesday morning – 10 months earlier for serving his time & good behaviour.

“Thank you for remaining loyal and for riding this six-year sentence out with me,” Shmurda said in an Instagram Story prior to his release. “I love you all and look forward to seeing you soon.”

Leaving in Style

A video, uploaded prior to his release, showed his friends on a private jet reportedly on their way to pick him up from jail.

In a recent interview, Migos rapper, Quavo, stated that he will personally pick up Bobby upon his release.

“I’m going to get my guy,” said Honcho. “I’m personally gonna go pick up Bobby Shmurda. I’m bout to go get him. I’m gonna let him show you how I’m gonna pick him up, yessir.”

Bobby’s mother, Leslie Pollard told TMZ that she is counting down the hours and is looking forward to having dinner with her family & spending quality time with him.

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The Beginning

The26-year-old took the hip-hop world by storm in 2014 with his hit single “Hot N*gga.” The music video for the song quickly went viral after the world was introduced to his patent Shmoney dance.

But what people remember most about the video is when he launched his fitted into the stratosphere. Rumours are swirling that his famous New York hat will come crashing back down to earth upon his release like it’s Thor’s hammer.


Bobby Gets Locked Up

Recently, we’ve seen a lot of rappers like 6ix9ine create a facade and lie in their music for clout. Bobby on the other hand might’ve gotten too candid with his lyrics.

In “Hot N*gga” he raps about about selling crack (since the 5th grade), murder, and weapons.

The NYPD had been investigating his Brooklyn gang known as GS9 for months ahead of his hit song, but they used the lyrics as evidence in the trial against him.

He was charged with conspiracy to murder, weapons possessions, drug-related charges, and gang conspiracy. Bobby was really about that life and was sentenced to seven years in prison because of it.

Shmurda told Complex he accepted a plea deal in an effort to help his friend Rowdy.

“I did it for Rowdy,” he said. “They offered me five [years] and offered Rowdy 12. They said the only way they’ll give him seven is if I took seven, too. So, you know, I had to take one for the dawg.”

In 2017, Shmurda pleaded guilty to promoting prison contraband and was sentenced to four years in prison, which he served concurrently. 

Shmurda was denied parole in September due to multiple violations including alleged fighting and drug possession while incarcerated.

What’s Next?

The rapper also wants to return to music, with Pollard saying he will devote most, if not all, of his time to releasing music.

While behind bars, he has been able to remain virtual on the scene, and now his physical presence will be felt.

He will reportedly also have to regularly check in with his parole officer when he leaves. He is expected to be under parole until 2026.

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