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Anti-Vaxxers Are Trying To Cancel Chapman’s Ice Cream After The Company Gave A $1 Raise To Its Vaccinated Employees Only

Your favourite childhood ice cream brand is in some hot water with anti-vaxxers after its most recent vaccine policy.

As part of an incentive to get its workforce vaccinated, Chapman’s Ice Cream announced on November 12 that it will be giving all of its fully vaccinated workers a $1 an hour raise at the end of the month. With 850 total employees, naturally, there would be some that weren’t happy to hear this news.

This news eventually got leaked to anti-vax groups and, obviously, they weren’t happy. One group even sent a threatening package to the companies vice-president Ashley Chapman.

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This policy isn’t the first that Chapman’s has instated. This raise comes just one week after Chapman’s started testing unvaccinated employees, of which there are around 100, twice a week. Five of those unvaccinated employees refused to get tested and were put on unpaid leave from the company.

Also, this isn’t the first raise that Chapman’s has given its employees since the pandemic started. In March 2020, the company gave a $2 an hour raise to all its employees as a “pandemic Pay Boost” that later became permanent.

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