After Her Elderly Patient Died From COVID-19, This Nurse Stole Their Credit Card To Buy Herself Snacks At A Vending Machine

A nurse in the U.K. found herself facing some big charges after it was discovered that she was using the credit card of a recently-passed patient to get herself some treats.

On Jan. 24, an 83-year-old woman passed away after complications from COVID.

Ayesha Basharat, worked as a healthcare assistant in a the hospital’s COVID-19 ward.

Less than 20 minutes after the woman’s passing, Basharat took her credit card and went to a vending machine to make several purchases.

She was caught on camera.

Four days later, on Jan. 28, police came and arrested her at her workplace.

Basharat originally claimed that she was innocent and that she used the woman’s card by accident, intending to use her own. However courts deemed this unlikely as the cards are different colours.

On June 9, Basharat confessed to the charges in court.

She was sentenced to two concurrent prison terms of five months each, which were suspended for 18 months.

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