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A Spa Owner Turned Chef Reignited His Love For Cooking During The Pandemic And Is Blowing Up Online

A Spa Owner Turned Chef Reignited His Love For Cooking During The Pandemic And Is Blowing Up Online

Johnson Robson shut down his small business due to COVID and turned to the kitchen to fuel his passion

For the past year, COVID-19 has reconnected many of us with our passions and hobbies. For Jonathan Robson, COVID has been a blessing in disguise. It gave him the opportunity to fall back in love with cooking. 

Robson is a business graduate who ran a spa business prior to the pandemic. Like many small business owners in Ontario, he found himself closing down due to lockdown measures.

He started cooking as a way to keep himself busy and started an Instagram account to share the dishes he’d been cooking up.

The Canadian-Pakistani home chef, based out of Mississauga, is known as 6ixhomechef to more than 15,000 of his Instagram followers. His Instagram page, started in 2020, captures the cooking journey of the home chef. 

Johnson Robson and dog, Raja.

“It has been extremely positive and overwhelming,” Robson told 6ixbuzz.

“I love the positive comments and DMs I get. I feel flattered when I get requests to cook a specific dish or when people ask me for tips and tricks on how to make a certain dish.”

Robson’s passion for cooking roots from growing up in a vibrant “foodie family” household that encouraged cooking dishes from around the world.

He recalls many instances where he would cook with his father and learn his way around a kitchen. 

“I found that many people have no idea how to cook, and prefer to eat out all the time,” Robson shared.

He considers cooking to be an essential and vital skill – one that seems to lack importance in today’s world of take out, drive throughs and deliveries. 

“I want to empower all men and women to know that they can cook, and to not be scared of it. 6ixhomechef is my movement to bring people together through cooking.” 

The home chef’s mouth-watering dishes are often a fusion of cultures and thanks Canada for its diverse palate for creating a unique food experience for himself. 

The dishes range from Pakistani food to Italian food, curating an international palate to experiment with. 

Keep in touch with 6ixhomechef’s journey on Facebook and Instagram.

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