A Mother In Ontario Plead Guilty To Criminal Negligence In The Death Of Her 3-Year-Old Son Who Drowned In Grand River Back In 2018

On Tuesday, a mother in Ontario plead guilty in the death of her toddler who drowned in Grand River back in 2018.

The victim, three-year-old Kaden Young, was swept away into harsh waters where he drowned to death. His body was discovered by a fisherman two months later.

This morning, his mother, Michelle Hanson, took a guilty plea to criminal negligence causing death.

Reports say that on February 21, 2018, the mother and son were driving in a van within the Amaranth Township.

This is when officials say that Hanson failed to abide by a road closure sign while there was heavy flooding. The vehicle allegedly went into the river and her son fell through her grasp when they were attempting to exit the van to safety.

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Kaden’s mother was charged with impaired driving, dangerous driving causing death and criminal negligence causing death in October that year.

Family court documents also allege that Hanson had Percocet, OxyContin, and cocaine in her system the day her son died.

She will be sentenced in January 2022.


Osobe is the Editor-in-chief at 6ixbuzz News leading both local and international coverage. She has written for VICE, The Canadian Press, Toronto Star, HuffPost and Aljazeera.
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