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A Man Has Been Sentenced To An Additional 25 Years After Murdering His Cellmate Who Once Raped His Sister

There’s a saying that goes “blood is thicker than water” when it comes to describing family bonds. For convicted killer Shane Goldsby, he meant that.

Goldsby will be serving an additional 25 years in prison for murdering his cellmate.

His 70-year-old cellmate Robert Munger was a convicted child sex offender who raped Goldsby’s sister.

According to reports, Munger teased Goldsby about how he raped his sister, which is why Goldsby eventually snapped.

Goldsby spoke to KHQ News telling them he was not stable at that point.

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“Munger kept wanting to give me details about what happened, what he did –– about the photos and the videos of him doing stuff,” Goldsby said.

Furthermore, Goldsby told reporters that he had asked for a new cellmate from the Washington Department of Corrections.

According to court documents, Goldsby attached Munger in the prison communal area and hit him in the face 14 times, before stomping on his face four times.

During Goldsby’s sentencing he apologized to Munger’s family for the pain he may have caused.

Goldsby was originally serving a prison sentence for wild joy riding in 2017 after he stole a police car, which led to a police chase, until he crashed into a state trooper.

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