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A High School In The U.S. Was Forced To Hire A Party Bus Equipped With A Stripper Pole To Transport Students On A Field Trip Due To School Bus-Driver Shortages

Imagine telling your parents you took a party bus to your field trip equipped with a stripper pole. Well, for high school students who attended Brooke Charter Schools, this was their reality.

Last Friday, the Boston school hired a party bus because of the bus-driver shortages across the city. Deluxe Limousine, was contracted by the school to take the students on their field trip.

This was the first time Deluxe Limousine was contracted by a school. Normally, bachelor/bachelorette parties and weddings are their main clientele.

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The party bus can hold 50 people and comes fully equipped with a stripper pole, show lights, a bar and a top-of-the-line sound system.

English teacher at Brooke Charter Schools, Jim Mayers had posted the viral tweet which has now been deleted about the school’s field trip vehicle.

via Newsweek

The school bus shortage across the Boston area is one of the many examples of the national labour shortage that’s affecting several states.

American businesses are seeing a shortage in finding people to work because there’s a lack of desire to work or the wages are low-paying in competitive labour markets.

Mayers believes the bus driver shortages “speaks on the major flaws in our education system.” According to Mayers, the students “didn’t care about the bus.”

“We were trying to have a fun day with the kids and that’s exactly what happened,” Mayers said.

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