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A Drug Company In The U.S Says They Created An Experimental Pill To Help Combat COVID-19 And Will Soon Ask Health Officials To Authorize It

There could be a new treatment to help in the fight against COVID and it’s in the form of a pill.

That’s right, on Friday, drugmaker Merck said that it has produced an experimental COVID-19 pill that has reduced hospitalizations and deaths by half in people that have recently been infected with the coronavirus. The company will also ask U.S. health officials to authorize it soon.

If you thought the pill was going to have a simple name you guessed wrong. Just like Covid-19 vaccines, both old and new names, this one is equally complicated.

Say hello to Molnupiravir.

If authorized and cleared, this would be the first pill to treat COVID-19, and would potentially be a huge step for global efforts to treat the pandemic.

Currently, all COVID-19 therapy procedures require an injection or IV. So far, the company has only studied the drug in non-vaccinated patients.

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Executives say they plan to submit said data for review to the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) in the coming days. Once submitted, the FDA could make a decision in the span of weeks, and if passed, the drug could be put on the market.

A patient would apparently need to take eight pills per day for five days.

While vaccines are seen as the most effective method of COVID-19 prevention, effective drugs are crucial, given that currently, billions of people are still unvaccinated.

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