A Chinese Man Is Getting The Death Penalty After Setting His Blogger Ex-Wife On Fire During Her Video Livestream, She Died Two Weeks Later In Hospital

On Thursday, Oct. 14th, a man in China was found guilty and given the death penalty for murdering his ex-wife after dousing her in gasoline and setting her on fire as she was live-streaming to her fans.

The man facing death is named Tang Lu and his wife was named Amuchu. She was a 30-year-old ethnic-minority Tibetan video blogger who went by the name of “Lamu.”

Lamu was famous on China’s version of Tiktok – Douyin, spanning over 770,000 followers and showcasing her cheerful rural life in the mountains, featuring cooking, lip-syncing, spending time with family and foraging. She was also famous for displaying her traditional Tibetan clothing in her videos. She lived in the Aba Prefecture in the Sichuan province (a province in the south of China).

According to BBC, a Chinese source stated that the mother-of-two married Tang in 2009, but the couple often argued and it was reported that he physically abused her on multiple occasions.

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Lamu had divorced Tang in June of 2020, and after rejecting his proposal to remarry, Tang had entered Lamu’s father’s house on September 14th, where Lamu was streaming to a live audience.

He had poured gasoline over her and set her on fire. Lamu suffered burns on 90% of her body and had died two weeks later. Tang had fled the scene and was arrested that night, reported China’s Sina News.

Lamu’s father’s house was burnt down after the attack, and the elderly man has been living in a nursing home ever since.

Tang was sentenced to death for intentional homicide by a court in the Aba Prefecture, a rural and remote region of southwest Sichuan with a large number of ethnic Tibetans.

Lamu’s death sparked a renewed fury in China against domestic violence, with millions of people flooding her Douyin comment section and reposting the hashtag of her name.

Around one in four women in China suffer from domestic abuse, state-media outlet CGTN reported.

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