A Canadian Swimmer Says Someone Drugged Her At The World Championships And She’s Reminding People That Anyone Could Spike Your Drink

A Canadian swimmer says someone drugged her at the World Championships and she’s reminding all of us that spiked drinks could happen to anyone. The incident allegedly took place last month on the final night of the swimming World Championships in Budapest, Hungary.

Mary-Sophie Harvey is a 22-year-old Canadian Olympic swimmer who represented the country at Tokyo’s 2020 Summer Games. She’s from Montreal.

Harvey was on Instagram, this Wednesday, to say publicly that she has a concussion, sprained rib, and many bruises because of an incident in which she believes someone spiked her drink. She and her friend were celebrating the end of the competition.

“Pretty much all the swimmers from every country were at the same place,” Harvey said, explaining why she figured it was a safe environment.

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She only had four drinks for the night, then blacked out.

“I remember waking up the next day with the doctor and the team manager by my side,” Harvey said, noting that she felt completely lost and didn’t know what happened. Being totally fine one minute but blacking out in the next minute – that’s something she feels points to someone spiking her drink.

“I remember taking care of people and then, I was like, from being taking care of people to not being able to stand, being unconscious,” said Harvey, explaining how she’s usually the one who’s looking out for other people.

“I was so confused because I didn’t feel hungover or anything... It was just weird because it’s just this like a four to six-hour window that I have, like, no memory about,” she continued. Her friends had to help piece together things that happened to her during the time she spent out. For example, one of her friends discovered her in the street. Harvey doesn’t remember how why got there or why she would go.

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She found dozens of bruises on her body when she woke up the next day.

“I didn’t feel any pain. I just felt shame. I felt so embarrassed because I was not in control of my body,” she revealed.

Harvey says that now she’s heard of similar things happening to others who went to the same championship – but she’s raising awareness for a wider audience of people, not just world-class swimmers. It can happen to anyone, anywhere, even when you have a lot of friends around.

The shaken 22-year-old was referred to a specialized clinic but also says there is a lack of resources available to victims.

“I called them after and it was closed, left my number and they called me only two days later,” she said, adding that the wait time is unacceptable for any victim of an intimately violent crime.

FINA, the Olympic-recognized world swimming organization, has started an investigation into what may be a sexual assault or attempt.

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