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US CEO's $2 Million Anti-Aging Regimen Involves Teen Son's Blood
MAY 24, 2023  (4:41 PM)

US CEO's $2 Million Anti-Aging Regimen Involves Teen Son's Blood

Peter Thiel, the co-founder of PayPal and early Facebook investor, recently underwent a controversial blood-swapping procedure with his two adult sons to reverse aging, reported Bloomberg.

The unconventional procedure, known as parabiosis, involves extracting and mixing the blood of two individuals before injecting it back into their bodies. Proponents argue that it can rejuvenate organs and tissues, while critics question both the science and safety behind it.

Thiel, 52, has long been vocal about his interest in life extension and "stopping or slowing aging."

According to Bloomberg, Thiel's latest efforts include funding a startup called Ambrosia that offers parabiosis treatments for $8,000 a pop.

However, this time Thiel decided to take things a step further by swapping blood with his sons Talmage and Richard in an outpatient procedure at an undisclosed clinic. During the process, the blood was separated into its plasma, red blood cells, white blood cells, and platelets before being re-injected into each person.

While parabiosis has been shown to have anti-aging effects in mice, the research in humans is limited. Proponents argue that factors in young blood could help rejuvenate organs and tissues in older individuals.

However, many scientists are skeptical about its potential in humans and warn that it could be dangerous.

"We have not learned enough to suggest this is a viable human treatment for anything. To me, it's gross, evidence-free, and relatively dangerous."

Thiel appears undeterred by the criticism. According to Bloomberg, he has invested over $100 million into anti-aging startups, including Ambrosia, through his Founders Fund VC firm.

He has also adopted an ultra-strict lifestyle to extend his lifespan, including a vegan diet, supplements, exercise, and meticulous dental hygiene.

Whether his recent blood-swapping treatment yields any benefits remains to be seen, but Thiel's extreme life extension pursuits highlight the growing interest in stopping or slowing the aging process.

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