Photo credit: Toronto Sun
Toronto Teen Files $2M Lawsuit against TDSB and Toronto Police
MAY 17, 2023  (4:42 PM)

Toronto Teen Files $2M Lawsuit against TDSB and Toronto Police

Ahmaud Benjamin Cockburn, an 18-year-old student, is suing the Toronto District School Board (TDSB) and Toronto Police for $2 million after he was mistakenly taken into custody in January.

According to Cockburn's lawsuit, the incident began when a girl at the school panicked and falsely reported that Cockburn had a gun. In response, Cockburn alleges that he was attacked by a group of boys who shouted racist remarks at him as they punched him in the face.

He claims that when first responders were called to the scene, instead of giving him medical attention, he was questioned by police for several hours before being finally released with no charges filed against him.

Cockburn's father described the incident as unacceptable and said that it reflects poorly on both TDSB and Toronto police.

He said, "I can't name another profession or school education system where you are allowed to get punched in the face, then detained and then not offered medical attention."

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