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This is why Lil Wayne only performed for 15 minutes at METRO METRO
MAY 26, 2023  (2:26 PM)

This is why Lil Wayne only performed for 15 minutes at METRO METRO

Lil Wayne's performance at the METRO METRO Music Festival left fans disappointed when his set was abruptly cut short by only 15 minutes.

While the exact reasons for this incident remain unclear, an account from the Vlog Day Everyday team sheds light on why he had to leave so abruptly.

According to Vincent Beauregard of Vlog Day Everyday Lil Wayne's plane landed at 9:45 PM on the night of the show, and he arrived at the venue around 10:35 PM.

After taking a few minutes to prepare himself, he began his set at 10:45 PM. Unfortunately, due to a city curfew set for 11:00 PM, Lil Wayne had no choice but to shorten his performance.

This incident adds to a string of occurrences where Lil Wayne's tardiness and brief performances have disappointed fans at music festivals.

For example, just last week in Los Angeles, he arrived three and a half hours late and performed for only a few minutes before abruptly leaving without completing his set.

As a result, fans have taken to calling him "Lil Late," highlighting his tendency to be late or perform for shorter durations than expected during shows.

Source: QC Scoop