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Sugar Daddy Loses Lawsuit Against 'Baby' After Being Duped Out of Thousands
FEB 11, 2023  (10:56)

Sugar Daddy Loses Lawsuit Against 'Baby' After Being Duped Out of Thousands

Azmat Ramal-Shah, a Toronto lawyer, has launched a massive $226 million lawsuit against his alleged deceitful sugar baby and her Aurora family for carrying out a fraudulent scheme.

He claims that he was deceived into spending nearly $20,000 on the University of Ottawa student while she led him to believe they were in love with one another and coming up with false excuses not to meet, such as attending an aunt's funeral service, sustaining a broken leg or being diagnosed with cancer all of sudden.

The pair, he was 30, she was 18, met in 2016 on Seeking Arrangement, a website where older wealthy men can find and offer support to attractive young women.

When Kirsten ended the arrangement in 2018, Ramal-Shah became obsessed with her. He threatened to ruin her reputation with her family and friends.

He filed a lawsuit against them for false promises of meeting him at an airport in North Carolina, despite never actually boarding the flight.

The situation escalated when Ramal-Shah began emailing Kirsten's family and clients with allegations that she had scammed him.

In response, Colleen Jones, Kirsten's mother, hired a lawyer to send seven cease-and-desist letters; however, Ramal-Shah refused to comply.

After filing a lawsuit in 2021, Ramal-Shah argued that the material facts only emerged when he filed his lawsuit.

However, Justice Smith ruled against him and dismissed the case because it was past the two-year limitation period. Furthermore, he was ordered to pay $15,000 for their legal costs.

With the case now closed, Ramal-Shah awaits a decision from the Law Society Tribunal on allegations of professional misconduct in how he dealt with his lawsuit.

It's a cautionary tale for anyone considering joining the sugar dating scene: No matter how much sugar you think you're getting, always make sure you know the terms of the deal. Otherwise, you might get a whole lot of sourness in the end.

Source: Toronto Sun