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Stolen Audi Driven Through Vaughan Mills Mall in 'Insane' Robbery, Leaving Quebec Woman Stunned
FEB 1, 2023  (9:34 PM)

Stolen Audi Driven Through Vaughan Mills Mall in 'Insane' Robbery, Leaving Quebec Woman Stunned

On Wednesday morning, Laval resident Kati Kobinger received some shocking news her car had been involved in a robbery at an Ontario mall more than 550 kilometers away from her home.

Taylor-Anna Kobinger had listed her car on Facebook Marketplace to raise funds for a down payment on a home when a man responded and arranged for two test drives of the vehicle.

During the first drive all went as expected, but during the second drive the man began to «drive dangerously» and fled with the car.

''He was really driving very dangerously and I didn't feel secure, so I [asked] to change places", Kobinger said.

As soon as she emerged from the car, however, he jammed his foot on the accelerator and sped away.

The Audi was later spotted being driven through Vaughan Mills Mall on February 2.

According to York Regional Police (YRP), a car with the same license plate as Kobinger's had been driven through the glass doors of Vaughan Mills Mall in Vaughan, Ontario at around 1:10 a.m., smashing through the entrance and driving erratically throughout the shopping centre before fleeing the scene.

The two suspects allegedly made off with a significant quantity of electronic devices from the Vaughan Mills Mall and could face extensive and severe criminal charges in connection with their apparent joyride.

Although Kobinger is pleased to have located her car, she is deeply concerned about the costs associated with travelling to Toronto and repairing it.

In light of the incident, Vaughan Mayor Stephen Del Duca made a statement to CP24, calling it «absolutely insane» and expressing his sadness over what had happened.

Source: CP24