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Quebec Man Purchases Multi-Million Dollar Penthouse With Tax Refund
MAY 17, 2023  (2:26 PM)

Quebec Man Purchases Multi-Million Dollar Penthouse With Tax Refund

Jean-Louis Fortin from LCN has uncovered a story in which the Canadian government paid $5 million to an ineligible person.

According to Mr. Fortin, Yvan Drapeau from the Laurentides region in Quebec made several irregular income declarations that did not correspond to his actual earnings or tax records.

Suddenly, one morning, he declared an income of $32 million and received a $5 million tax refund directly deposited into his bank account without verification. Naturally, this immediately raised suspicions at the Canada Revenue Agency, which began investigating the situation.

After a more thorough investigation, it was discovered that Mr. Drapeau had used the money to purchase a $2 million penthouse in Old Montreal without any mortgage.

To further complicate matters, shortly after acquiring the property, he transferred ownership of it for free to a company owned by Jean-François Malo, who is currently being tried for the attempted murder of a lawyer in Mont-Saint-Hilaire, Qc. Malo's two accomplices have already been sentenced to 9 and 10 years in prison, respectively.

Since then, the Canada Revenue Agency has frozen all assets related to this transaction and is doing everything possible to recover the remaining $3 million that was not spent.

However, due to the complications arising from Malo's involvement, as well as the dissipation of funds before they could be frozen, there is no guarantee of fully recovering the losses incurred.

Source: LCN