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Popular Niagara Falls Attraction, Marineland, Accused of Animal Neglect
MAY 31, 2023  (4:00 PM)

Popular Niagara Falls Attraction, Marineland, Accused of Animal Neglect

Marineland, the iconic tourist attraction located in Niagara Falls, Ontario, is currently facing charges from the Ministry of the Solicitor General for non-compliance with an order regarding the care of its American Black Bears.

The ministry's charges are based on a section of provincial animal welfare services law aimed at enhancing the welfare of animals that may be in distress.

As of now, the specific details of the allegations and order remain undisclosed, as the ministry has chosen not to provide further comments due to the ongoing court proceedings. Marineland has also refrained from commenting on the charges.

While Marineland has previously asserted that it provides proper care for all animals and surpasses the legally prescribed standards, this is not the first time they have been accused of failing to ensure adequate care for their bears.

In 2016, Marineland faced one count of non-compliance with care standards for approximately 35 American black bears, including issues related to food and water provision. However, the charges were dropped by the Crown, citing a lack of reasonable chance for conviction.

In 2013, Marineland received an order from the Ontario Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (OSPCA), which mandated the construction of separate habitats to prevent cub injuries or fatalities caused by adult males. In response, Marineland implemented a birth control program that received approval from the OSPCA at the time. When questioned, the park stated that they had complied with this order.

The impact of these recent charges on Marineland's operations and reputation going forward remains uncertain. However, the allegations are disconcerting, particularly considering that they are being made against one of Canada's most popular tourist attractions.

Source: CTV News