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Police Shoot 11-Year-Old Boy Who Called About Domestic Disturbance
MAY 26, 2023  (1:05 PM)

Police Shoot 11-Year-Old Boy Who Called About Domestic Disturbance

An 11-year-old boy from Mississippi is recovering after he was shot in the chest by police officers who had responded to his 911 call for help.

Aderrien Murry called the emergency services when his mother's ex-partner turned up at their house in the middle of the night, reportedly irate and threatening.

According to Nakala Murry, Aderrien's mother, she was sleeping when she heard a knock on her window at around 4am on Saturday morning. Seeing her daughter's father there, she knew it would lead to trouble and handed her phone to her son, instructing him to call his grandmother.

Instead, Aderrien dialled 911 as well as his grandmother's number and police were dispatched to the scene.

Two officers arrived at the home in Indianola, about 100 miles northwest of Jackson. Murry said officers yelled at her to open the front door while her ex-partner was still standing there.

She stepped out onto the driveway, allowing them access into her house - but moments later, they shot her 11-year old son as he ran out from inside.

Murry recalled: "He kept asking, ‘Why did he shoot me? What did I do wrong?'"

The family has since demanded a full investigation into why police chose to shoot an unarmed child instead of using nonlethal force. Their lawyer Carlos Moore said that Aderrien had done everything right and even noted that it would be impossible for an officer to confuse a 4ft 10-inch tall boy with an adult male.

He is now calling for 'a full and transparent investigation' of the shooting and has highlighted how this traumatic event has affected not only Aderrien but also his family:

"This 11-year-old child was about 4 feet 10 it looks like and so he could not have been confused.. So we don't know what happened, but we do know this officer's actions were reckless, very reckless, and could have led to the loss of life."

Aderrien Murry has since been released from the hospital after being treated for his wounds, but more needs to be done to answer this tragedy; as a result of this incident, yet another child must now grapple with trauma caused by unnecessary violence from law enforcement personnel - something no one should ever experience regardless of age or circumstance.


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