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Plans are underway in Ontario to dismantle the Peel Region
MAY 17, 2023  (7:07 PM)

Plans are underway in Ontario to dismantle the Peel Region

The Ford government is set to announce a significant shakeup of the Region of Peel on Thursday, with plans to split the region into two independent cities: Mississauga and Brampton. The fate of Caledon, however, remains unclear.

Premier Doug Ford announced Monday that he was "for an independent Mississauga" and said last week that an announcement on the future of Peel Region was coming "very, very soon."

In November, the Ford government appointed facilitators to review the various regional governments in Ontario and determine how roles and responsibilities should be divided among them.

Mississauga Mayor Bonnie Crombie has long advocated for her city's separation from Peel Region and believes it will save taxpayers $1 billion over the next decade.

Meanwhile, Brampton Mayor Patrick Brown has said that his city needs to be "made whole" if Peel Region is dissolved. Brown noted that Brampton pays 40 percent of the costs for two water treatment plants in Mississauga and has its police headquarters located there. He also criticized Crombie for wanting a "free ride" on the backs of Brampton taxpayers.

On Thursday at 3:30 PM ET, Crombie will be providing "an update on Mississauga" alongside council members. While details of what this update entails remain confidential until then, she is expected to formally announce plans for dissolving Peel Region into two separate cities - Mississauga and Brampton - with Caledon potentially carving its own path forward or becoming part of one or both cities.

The possible dissolution of Peel Region has been met with mixed reactions throughout Canada - some are critical of the move while others are supportive - but regardless, this announcement could usher in a new era for residents living in these three municipalities and beyond as they adjust to life outside Peel Region's borders.

Source: CP24