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Ontario Mayor Proposes Modifications to 'O Canada' Lyrics
MAY 30, 2023  (2:49 PM)

Ontario Mayor Proposes Modifications to 'O Canada' Lyrics

The national anthem of Canada has stirred up some controversy recently.

Mississauga Mayor Bonnie Crombie is now leading the charge to make a permanent change to the lyric of "O Canada," following Canadian R&B singer Jully Black's decision to replace the phrase "our home and native land" with "our home on native land" during an NBA All-Star Game performance earlier this year.

The modified version was hailed by Indigenous Peoples across Canada and received largely positive reactions on social media. Now, Mayor Crombie is proposing that the city council vote on whether or not they support a permanent lyric change based on Black's rendition.

If passed, Mississauga would write a letter to the federal government expressing their support for adopting the new lyric as an "Act of Reconciliation" and "speaking of the truth." The letter would also be shared with Ontario Big City Mayors to generate further support for the initiative.

This follows previous efforts from the federal government in 2018, which resulted in gender-neutral lyrics being adopted into the English version of "O Canada"—replacing "in all thy sons command" with "in all of us command."

This proposed lyric change has sparked much debate among Canadians as it could mark a major milestone towards restoring relationships between Indigenous Peoples and settler Canadians. It also speaks to a larger movement for reconciliation within society, which marks an important step towards acknowledging Indigenous rights in Canada and bridging gaps between diverse groups.

If implemented, it could represent a powerful symbol for celebrating unity amongst Canadians and honouring our nation's rich history – while simultaneously recognizing Indigenous contributions to our shared homeland.

Source: CTV News