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OF Model Shocked To Find Stepdad Is Biggest Fan
MAY 19, 2023  (1:24 PM)

OF Model Shocked To Find Stepdad Is Biggest Fan

An Australian OnlyFans model was shocked to discover her stepfather was her biggest customer, spending nearly $2,000 on her content and requesting custom-made videos.

The NSW-based woman, who posts by the handle Ta1laaa on TikTok, revealed in a video this week that she had "ruined her mom's marriage" upon discovering the identity of her number one fan. She explained how she had been talking with this particular customer daily. They had made custom requests and had a very unique username.

The model soon found out that the customer was also in her phone contacts list and, after narrowing it down to six people, discovered it was indeed her stepfather. After confronting him, he denied the charges to his friends and family before leaving their home for good.

Since then, Ta1laaa has blocked him from all her platforms and has not heard from him since. Commenters were taken aback after hearing her story on TikTok, but she urged other OnlyFans creators to be aware that someone they know could be viewing their content.

"I never planned telling this story on TikTok, but here we are," said the model in the video. "When I caught him, he denied it to all of his friends, and obviously my mom got rid of him straight away."

Here's her full story:

Source: NY Post