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North Korea Imprisons Two-Year-Old for Life Due to Parents' Bible Being Discovered
MAY 27, 2023  (11:34)

North Korea Imprisons Two-Year-Old for Life Due to Parents' Bible Being Discovered

The harrowing tale of a two-year-old sentenced to life in a North Korean prison camp has sent shockwaves worldwide. According to a report by the US State Department, the toddler was sent to the prison camp simply because their Christian parents were found with a Bible in their home.

The report reveals that the two-year-old and their family were imprisoned solely based on their religious beliefs. It also highlights other instances of North Koreans being executed for practicing Christianity, such as the case of a woman and her grandchild who were killed by firing squad in 2011.

The report further uncovers accounts of brutal physical and psychological torture inflicted on Christians, who are perceived as a threat to the loyalty of the state.

It documents cases of executions by firing squad and the use of "pigeon torture," in which prisoners are suspended with their hands tied behind their backs, rendering them immobile for extended periods.

Sleep deprivation is also commonly employed as a form of torture, with one woman resorting to suicide after being denied sleep by prison guards.

Approximately 70,000 Christians are estimated to have been imprisoned due to their faith, out of a total Christian population of around 400,000 in North Korea. Moreover, parents are afraid to share their faith with their children for fear of government reprisals.

One non-governmental organization (NGO) discovered that children are taught in schools about the alleged "evil deeds" committed by missionaries, such as rape or organ harvesting. Another NGO reported the publication of government-produced graphic novels depicting Christians luring children into churches before draining them of blood.

While punishments for followers of shamanism include six months in forced labour camps or three years in reeducation facilities, those found guilty of being Christian face significantly harsher sentences.

These can range from 15 years of imprisonment to execution, and punishment can extend to up to three generations within the immediate family.

Source: Mirror UK